Providing psychological supports to aid health professionals, schools, and corporations.

Psychological consultation services involve the provision of professional psychological discussion and guidance to other health and mental health professionals, individuals, groups, agencies, communities, and organizations. Consultation services clients generally seek psychological knowledge and discussion, or have questions or concerns related to psychological well-being and behaviour. Consultations are not direct assessment or treatment services. Instead, consultation offers advice or opinions that clients can use to better inform themselves or their decision making. The structure of consultation often involves a visit with the client to discuss, observe, or interview. Information is collected from various sources. Psychological opinions or recommendations are formulated and shared with the client. Further discussion ensues to assist with understanding of the findings and to assist with possible goal setting or implementation strategies.

Many psychological consultations services can be provided, including but not limited to:

  • Behavioural change
  • Collaborative client support
  • Community support
  • Evaluation of service or treatment plans
  • Organizational change
  • School support
  • Skill development
  • Training